Saturday, November 27, 2010


Klassy Giovanni - Had It All


Klassy Giovanni feat. Polo Giovanni & JaeWol- Benjamins (Money Over Everything)

Benjamins (Money Over Everything) by TheeJohnWaller

D Rob & JaeWol- Espy

Espy by TheeJohnWaller

Different Gotti- I Am Amazing

I Am Amazing by TheeJohnWaller

D Rob

D Rob by TheeJohnWaller

Chucky & JaeWol- Real Talk
08 Real Talk by TheeJohnWaller

Chucky feat. JaeWol- All I Got

11 All I Got by TheeJohnWaller

Phenomenon John by TheeJohnWaller

Klassy Giovonni feat. JaeWol- White Boi Dressed

White Boy Dressed by TheeJohnWaller

The Regular Guy MIXTAPE

The Regular Guy mix tape is a compilation of 12 flows (no choruses) from me, JaeWol; the artist formerly known as "PT" (JaeWol is just my first & last name abbreviated and spelled like one word). This is basically me rapping about what i think in Hip-Hop both local/underground and nationwide/mainstream. I named it the Regular Guy because i represent the working class of MC's that don't try to glorify a superficial lifestyle and try to portray a life they're NOT living. I go into how some artists have basic flows, flodge about their lifestyle, don't have a JOB, and how much better than them I (am along with the guys who I rap with).  I'm a battle rapper and freestylist by trade, so being witty, dissing, and coming up with things on the spot is more of my avenue; rather than making actual song concepts and choruses. So if you like to listen to flows or wanna know what I think, than listen and enjoy 34 minutes of music from a regular guy.



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